Dutyman Inc. is a Law Enforcement Equipment wholesaler  located in Maxwell, Texas between Austin and San Antonio. At Lone Star Uniforms, Dutyman has been providing great quality law enforcement equipment at a low cost.
A badge is an important identification item which is displayed to prove that the wearer is a genuine law enforcement officer. In the US, law enforcement officers wear badges above their left chest pocket. Badges come in many shapes such as a shield, a multi-pointed star etc.  The enameled seal of the organization is embedded at the center of the badge. Dutyman makes badges for emergency medical service personnel, security enforcement officers, Texas peace officers and volunteer firefighters among others.

Security Officer 6 Point Star

Ideal wallets for law enforcement officers should be big enough to carry their identification badge or shield plus personal items like credit/ATM cards, some cash etc. Dutyman offers durable and spacious leather wallets in four varieties that you can use to safely house your personal belongings and official identification items.

 Badge Holders:
It is important for law enforcement personnel to use a Badge Holder to carry their identification badge conveniently and comfortably. This will enable them to display their badge when required and also eliminate any worry of losing this important item. Dutyman Badge Holders are offered in the varieties of 7-pt star neck, chain, leather oval, leather round, leather shield, magnetic and other types.

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